[M/V] CLC Goes Retro With ‘Where Are You’


[Teaser] Former KARA member Heo Young-ji is Coming Back With ‘Memory Clock’

Former KARA member Heo Young-ji released a teaser for her upcoming music video, 'Memory Clock'. The full music video is scheduled to be released on August 25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cnm9GK0izbA

[M/V] CLC Exudes Self-Confidence and Nonconformity in ‘No’

Following the success of their last album Black Dress, group CLC has returned with their eighth mini-album No. 1, which is described as being more mature and...

[M/V] Pristin is Back With Catchy Track ‘We Like’

Girl group Pristin is back with a catchy tune that will have you singing for days. Check out 'We Like' below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6LAzgZi8N8

[M/V] Boyfriend Wants You to be Their One and Only ‘Star’

BOYFRIEND are back with their new MV 'Star'! The release of their new MV marks a year since their last Korean release 'To My Bestfriend'. The boys have...

[M/V] Victon is back with ‘Unbelivable’

Victon is back with their new MV 'Unbelievable'! The music video talks about the feelings of disbelief that come when you find out that the person you...