[M/V] Dayday – Call Me (Feat. GRAY, Jay Park)


[M/V] Junho from 2PM Releases Artsy Music Video for ‘Fine’

2PM's Junho released his solo track, 'Fine'! The song has a sweet melody and a beat you can tap your foot to. Check out the music video below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpryzZPDaMY

[M/V] Eddy Kim Releases Sultry Audio Video for “Poom”

Besides this new release, Eddy Kim also sang the first OST for "While You Were Sleeping" in October. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vebxNTR6AdI

[M/V] Dayday drops ‘Call Me’ Ft. Gray and Jay Park

The animated style of the video makes it fun and alluring, but honestly, who gets on their phone while they are in the club? Check out the video...

[M/V] Monsta X’s I.M Releases “Fly With Me” From Latest Mixtape


[M/V] Suzy Releases the Soft Ballad “Loving A Different Person”

Suzy has released the music video for her pre-release track "Loving a Different Person." The singer's mini album, Face of Love, will be released on January 29. Watch the...

[M/V] CLC Goes Retro With ‘Where Are You’


[MV] NCT 127 Release Music Video for ‘Touch’

NCT 127 just released the music video for 'Touch.' This is the fourth song of the 'NCT 2018' Project. In this project, all 18 members will be in...

[M/V] Zico Releases Retro R&B Single ‘SoulMate’ Featuring IU

The musical combination of Block B member Zico and songstress IU is proving to be lethal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vl1kO9hObpA "SoulMate," a new song that Zico released with IU, has found its...