[M/V] GFRIEND – Love Whisper


[M/V] JJ Project Returns with ‘Tomorrow, Today’

In the V LIVE countdown that occurred 20 minutes before the release of the "Tomorrow, Today", Jinyoung mentioned that one aspect of their title song that he...

[M/V] Yoon Jiyoung is Unadorn and Vulnerable in ‘Shade’ Music Video

"Shade" comes from Yoon Jiyoung's recently released single album 'Note #2'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHdWDMfFc6Y  

[M/V] MONSTA X is Fresh and Carefree in ‘Newton’ Music Video

MONSTA X has released a music video for its special summer song "Newton". The song has light and fresh feeling  is perfect for those summer days you just...

[M/V] offonoff’s Smooth Rap Style is ‘Gold’ (ft. DEAN) in New Music Video

The seren streets of London and a beautiful blue sky act as the backdrop for offonoff's new song and music video "Gold", featuring DEAN. A nice tough in...

[M/V] Dayday – Call Me (Feat. GRAY, Jay Park)


[M/V] Dayday drops ‘Call Me’ Ft. Gray and Jay Park

The animated style of the video makes it fun and alluring, but honestly, who gets on their phone while they are in the club? Check out the video...

[M/V] KNK Drops Powerful Video for ‘Rain’

KNK has comeback this July with their title track "Rain" for their album 'Gravity, Completed', which is set to be released on the 20th. The song deals with...

[M/V] Jay Park and Dok2 are the ‘Most Hated’ in new MV

It seems like AOMG artists don't sleep! Here is another release from the label featuring Jay Park and Dok2. https://youtu.be/lpDY3efit3w

[ICYMI] Jay Park wants you to join him on his ‘Yatch’ in new MV

Jay Park released the music video for his single '"Yatch (k)" ft. Sik-K. The video features smooth choreography from the AOMG artist and fellow dancers over a...