[M/V] Famed Female Rapper Miryo Drops Addictive “Can I See You Again”

For her new single Miryo describe the meaning behind the song to be an experience of finding "someone who was so attractive that I lost my heart...

[M/V] Roy Kim Releases New Ballad Song “Only Then”

Roy Kim's first song of the year is titled "Only Then," a song embodying the emotions of a man who wants to decide when a relationship is...

[M/V] Ailee Releases Tender OST “Rewrite…If I Can”

The OST by Ailee is for the web drama "Flower Ever After" that stars Choi Hee-jin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbbP3aUXif0

[M/V] Trot Queen Hong Jin-young Returns with “Good Bye”

In trot, a genre marked by unique vocal style, Hong Ji-young is this generation's queen. After a year the trot singer has returned with "Good Bye," a...

[M/V] Hyolyn Begins a New Chapter With “To Do List”

CEO Hyolyn has released her first song under her new agency, Brid3 (bridge), "To Do List." The intimate visuals of the video document Hyolyn during her time in...

[M/V] Seventeen Expresses Appreciation in New Song “Thanks”

Seventeen just released "Thanks," a beautiful song filled with a sense of sentimentality that in the end is moving. The beautiful melodies, harmonies, vocals, and robust rap...

[M/V] Penomeco Drops Grooving and Hip Song “L.I.E”

Singer and rapper Penomeco's new single "L.I.E" is produced by Block B's Zico. Check it out below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8CKH3PNKKs

[M/V] Jay Park Drops Visually Stunning Video for “Forget About Tomorrow”

Singer and rapper Jay Park has partnered with Yultron for the "Forget About Tomorrow." Check out the video below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2zrC1QF7Zo

[M/V] Red Velvet Tops Music Charts with New Song “Bad Boy”

Red Velvet tops multiple music charts after the release of their new song "Bad Boy." Red Velvet's new song "Bad Boy" topped the real-time charts of MelOn, Genie,...

[M/V] Suzy Returns With the Mellow and Captivating Song “Holiday”

"Holiday" is the title track from Suzy's sophomore solo album, Faces of Love. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpzJNwur6Zk