Byul reveals how HaHa proposed to her and after repeatedly saying “no,” what eventually led her to say “yes”

On November 26 broadcast of JTBC “Please Take Care of my Refrigerator,” singer Byul appeared as a guest with actress Han Eun-Jung.

Byul had recently released a new track “Distance” and made her long-awaited return to the industry. The singer began, “many people seem to search for my voice when it gets colder. I’m so thankful for that. After putting many hours into preparation, I’ve finally made my comeback.”

While looking into her refrigerator, the hosts mentioned her husband, HaHa. They said, “in the past, you surprised everyone by announcing to marry HaHa. It was the talk of the town for days.” In response, Byul revealed how her husband proposed to her.

The singer said, “one time, he called me really late at night. And he said, “Byul, you are still so young and naive. Have as much fun as you want and date whomever you want. After you’ve had all the fun, allow me to marry you later on.”

At first, the singer had said ‘no’ to his proposal. Byul went on, “ever since that day, he called me every single day. For a month straight, he asked me to marry him. When he got tired, he started saying “you don’t even know me. I’m so awesome. Are you going to marry me or not?” Even after that, I said ‘no’ and he immediately hung up on me.”

She continued, “it’s even funnier because he would immediately call me back and used a different approach. He did it so confidently, too. Looking at him doing that, I realize that if this person has this much confidence in himself, it would be safe for me to marry him.”

Afterwards, HaHa paid a special visit to the set.

In response to Byul’s revelation, HaHa said, “I was so certain of my decision. I kept thinking ‘you are bound to marry me. I don’t understand why you even try to say no.’ At the time, Byul was known to be very good to her parents. Seeing her, I thought to myself that if I were to get married, I would marry someone like her.”

Image Source – JTBC

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Translated by Dasol Kim