BTS became the cover models for an international issue of TIME Magazine!

On October 10, TIME Magazine released a cover image featuring boy group BTS with a description that calls them the “Next Generation Leaders.” Alongside the photoshoot, they also provided the link to the interview with the group.

Image Source – TIME Magazine

The interview is entitled “How BTS is Taking Over the World,” first going over all the great achievements of the group. Then, the magazine continues to acclaim the group and says when the group arrived in 2013, “it was clear they would play by new rules” and they did.

During the interview, each member had an opportunity to voice their thoughts on why they think they were able to be as successful as they are right now.

First, Suga begun by describing the group’s initial intention with their music. The rapper said, “we started to tell the stories that people wanted to hear and were ready to hear, stories that other people could not or would not tell.” He continued, “we said what other people were feelings – like pain, anxieties, and worries.”

At the end, Suga says their goal was “to create this empathy that people can relate to.”

They did not forget to express their gratitude towards their fans, Army’s. “We give energy to our audience, members, and listeners, but we also draw energy from them,” says Jimin. Adding to this, Suga said, “even if there is a language barrier, once the  music stars, people react pretty much the same wherever we go. It feels like the music really brings us together.”

Furthermore, the group also commented on the true meaning behind their newest title track “IDOL” for which they placed on top of many Billboard charts. RM said, “life has many unpredictable issues, problems and dilemmas. But, I think the most important thing to live well is to be yourself. We are still trying to be us.”

Meanwhile, BTS is currently on their “Love Yourself: Answer” world tour. They recently finished up the tour in the United States, which included the first-ever stadium concert hosted by a Korean artist group. Since then, the group has moved onto Europe, which begun on October 10 at the O2 Arena in London.

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Translated by Dasol Kim