Yet another death threat was made against BTS member, Jimin.

Recently, another anonymous internet user made a death threat against BTS member Jimin. In the post, the user threatened to hurt the member during the group’s upcoming concert in Los Angeles, California on September 5. Immediately afterwards, BTS fans reported the account and alerted the agency.

Unfortunately, this is the third time Jimin was threatened. In April of 2017, the fans discovered the first threat regarding the group’s concert in California. Then, last month, an internet user made a post on social media saying they would shoot Jimin during their upcoming performance on September 16 in Fort Worth, Texas. In the rather detailed post, the user even specified which type of rifle and during which song they would commit this act.

At the time, both BigHit Entertainment and the local police asserted that they will ensure the member’s safety. Furthermore, Jimin appeared in a press conference for “Love Yourself: Tear” release and assured the fans not to worry, himself.

While the police and agency announced that they will only allow transparent bags inside and install metal detectors, many fans worry it is not enough.

Meanwhile, BTS is kicking off their “Love Yourself: Tear” world tour on August 25 and 26 in Seoul. Afterwards, the group will visit the United States and Europe to greet their international fans.

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Translated by Dasol Kim