Unfortunately, this is not the first time the singer’s life has been threatened.

BTS Jimin
Image source – OSEN News

On May 10, an internet user assumed to be from the U.S., made a post on social media saying they would shoot BTS Jimin during their upcoming performance on September 16 in Fort Worth Texas. More, under the guise of anonymity, they explained that the singer has been “alive for way too long” and is “getting in the way.”

In response, local police say they are aware of the situation and are investigating the case. “We are aware of the threat to the performance of [BTS] and we are investigating and reviewing the incident,” Fort Worth police said on Twitter.

Moreover, authorities are reportedly considering various considering various security measures including the installation of metal detectors and requiring transparent bags.

Additionally, an official from the company said that they intend to ensure the safety of the member of both BTS and their fans. Moreover, regardless of the post’s authenticity, the agency said they would prepare thoroughly and “keep an eye on the situation.”

Unfortunately, threat marks the second time that someone has threatened to kill Jimin. The first incident occurred around the group’s performance in California last April. The person involved in that case had reportedly studied the seating arrangement of their concert venue

Meanwhile, BTS is gearing up for a comeback on May 18 and will hold a comeback performance at the Billboard music awards.



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