According to an exclusive report by Ilgan Sports, BTS is currently working on an album with the goal of making a comeback in May.

Image source – OSEN News

In an exclusive report published on Wednesday, Ilgan Sport said that with the award season wrapping up, BTS is now focusing on their new album which will reportedly come out this May. Moreover, having finished their “Love Yourself” trilogy with their last album released last August, the news outlet says that “expectations are high for what themes and messages” this new album will have.

However, with all that said, the group’s agency has not confirmed. When asked about BTS’ comeback Big Hit Entertainment said: “we’ll let you know when the comeback is confirmed.”

Even so, Big Hit’s team is reportedly already actively working on to make it the group’s best album and comeback so far. Notably, this will also be the group’s first release since renewing their contact with the agency last year. The company seems determined to make the most out of their longstanding partnership.

“It is Big Hit’s philosophy that the artists who are having the best performance in the world should be given the best treatment. We signed a contract with seven members of the BTS to have a more stable and long-term activity after sufficient discussion,” the agency said. To accomplish this, the company bolstered their team to include around 100 employed and are working to reinforce investment and support for the group.

Given that 2018 was a groundbreaking year for the group, many are excited to see what they will achieve this time around.




Translated by O.C