After hiding and then coming forward about his hair loss, BtoB member Peniel says that 70 percent of his hair has finally grown back.

Image source – KBS 2

The June 11 episode of “Hello Counselor” had a plethora of interesting character as guests, including BtoB members Peniel, Jung Il-hoon, Yubin, and TV personality Sam Okyere.

While the casts and the guests delved into a variety of different topics, an update from Peniel caught the attention of viewers. In November 2016, the singer revealed that he experienced inexplicable hair loss for the past five years.

Moreover, visiting hospitals and specialist did little for him other than confirm that he was gradually becoming bald. As one point, a doctor told him that he had lost 70 percent of his hair, a loss that was possibly permanent.

However, on “Hello Counselor” Peniel said that since his confession, his hair began to grow back. In fact, about 70 percent — the same amount he lost — had returned. “I got better after showing my hair loss,” he said, “I have not been to the hospital since (coming forward).”

Meanwhile, BtoB is gearing up for a summer comeback. The group will release their new song “This is Us” on June 18.



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