A member boy group BtoB has found himself at the center of a dating rumor.

Image source – Daily Sports

On July 14, Lee Chang-sub from group BtoB is under fire of an alleged love affair involving actress Jung Jae-eun.

According to news outlet TV Report, the incident arose on an online community on the 13th. A message posted on the site said that they had spotted the two on a date and uploaded a video that appeared to support the claim. In the video, the people are seen walking down the steps of a coffee shop. At this time, one person described as Jung has her arms crossed with someone reported to be Lee, showing a friendly atmosphere.

However, Lee’s agency Cube Entertainment released a public statement denying that the two had a relationship that went beyond that of friends and co-stars. “The (rumored) relationship between the two is not true,” said a representative.

Unfortunately, the incident has not left the singer unscathed. While most netizens seem unconcerned with a possible romance, believing that although he is an idol he deserves privacy, others expressed disappointment.

Currently, both Lee and Jung star in the musical “Dog Fight” as main characters.



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