Boy group JBJ’s contract expires soon and the agencies have no intention of extending the group’s promotions.

Image Source – Zenith News

On March 14, JBJ record labels and the members’ agencies reported, “on April 30, the contract with the management will expire and JBJ will conclude all group activities they have been participating for the last 7 months.”

JBJ members and their agencies signed a contract in October last year, to promote as a united group for 7 months until April 30th, 2018.

In the official statement, they said, “the reason JBJ was born and existed until now is all thanks to our fans. We sincerely thank all of you who encouraged us and loved us so we could walk this incredible journey together.”

In addition, they said, “the members and the representatives have been talking for a long time about the end of contract and possibility of extending it. Many opinions came and went, but we acknowledged that each member’s future is more important, as they will continue to open more chapters in their lives.”

They concluded, “thank you for making us realize miracles can happen. As the members face another chapter in their lives, we ask you to continue to cheer them on. We promise to come back as more mature and grown individuals.”

Meanwhile, JBJ will be participating in all promotion activities until the end of their contract, which is until April 30.


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Translated by Dasol Kim