Block B’s Park Kyung continues to demonstrate his music skills by working on The Boyz’s comeback song.

On July 3, Crecker Entertainment issued a statement regarding boy group The Boyz new digital single. In the announcement, the agency said that the group’s new song, which comes out this month, was produced with the help of Block B member Park Kyung. According to the agency, the “song is a combination of Park’s uniqueness and the energy of The Boyz.”

Park Kyung has a proven record as a producer having worked his group’s albums and his solo as well. As a result, attention is focusing on the kind of sound The Boyz new song will have.

Image source – Instagram

Moreover, in addition to new music, it seems that a new friendship has been formed. Park showed affection for the group as seen in a picture he posted on social media. Further, not only did he memorize the name of each member, but he also showed interest by looking over the group’s past videos.

Formed after the second season of Mnet’s “Produce 101,” The Boyz debuted last December with The First. Five months later, the group released their second mini album, The Start, which further strengthened their fandom and their identity. With their upcoming digital single, they plan to show a new side of themselves.



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