Many familiar with the Block B members praise his actions and warm nature.

Jaehyo block b
Image source – OSEN News, SNS

On June 11, an acquaintance of Jaehyo posted several pictures of the singer helping an old man carry a handcart up a hill. Reportedly, the random act of kindness took place the week before on the evening of June 6.

Jaehyo was driving up a road in Hwaseong when he passed the old man struggling to head uphill with a handcart. In response, the singer immediately got out of his car to help. Moreover, after news of the idol’s kind deeds came out, Block B’s agency Seven Seasons reviewed the pictures and confirmed that it was indeed Jaehyo.

Additionally, a representative from the agency revealed that the act recorded is something the singer does regularly. “Jaehyo is a very polite, courteous member — even within Block B. It is a glimpse of his usual good deeds,” the representative explained.

However, it seems that the idol is a bit shy about the extra attention he is getting. ” I am surprised and shy to be known for good work,” he said.



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