K-pop girl group BLACKPINK has unveiled the group teaser image, three days before the album release.

YG Entertainment

On June 12, images of the group teaser, as well as individual teasers for Jenny and Rose, were released through YG Entertainment’s official blog.

In the group teaser, members create a unified mood, each embellishes with bold accessories. Furthermore, the contrast between Jenny’s colorful fashion and Rose’s elegant accessories makes fans wonder what kind of concept their new album will portray.

YG Entertainment

BLACKPINK members also expressed their feelings about the new album, which is a comeback in a year.

“As much as we waited so long, we’re confident and excited about it,” said Jenny. “We’re happy to express various aspects of our music.”

Jisoo hints at the new concept they will show, saying, “We had to practice our choreography hard because we had to look charismatic, unlike our previous concepts.”

BLACKPINK’s first mini album “SQUARE UP” will be released on June 15.


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