While many guesses and rumors roam around the internet regarding BTS comeback, BigHit makes it clear that we just need to sit tight and wait.

With BTS’ upcoming comeback with a repackaged album ahead, netizens are currently trying to guess the exact date of the release. While there are many speculations with different dates, the most plausible guess is that the group will make a comeback in August.

Image Source – BigHit Entertainment

After the group released their “Love Yourself: Tear” album, rumors about their return with a repackaged album started circulating online. Several sources revealed that the group went into preparation mode immediately after the end of “Fake Love” promotions. And because BTS has previously released a repackage album immediately after a full album, the rumors sounded fairly logical.

However, BigHit responded with a brief statement, “nothing has been confirmed.” The company continues, “we have not confirmed anything regarding the schedule for BTS’ repackaged album.”

According to them, it is true that the group is currently preparing for a repackaged album and a concert. However, the company’s internal affairs prevented them from establishing an exact comeback date.

Aside from the potential comeback, BTS is going on another world tour “Love Yourself,” starting in Seoul on August 25. Afterwards, the group will travel to the United States and Europe to greet their fans.

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Translated by Dasol Kim