Earlier today, a media outlet reported that the actress Choo Ja-hyun’s condition has worsened; she was unconscious and on a respirator. BH Entertainment says this is false.

Choo Ja-hyun
Image source – OSEN News

On June 10, a news media outlet Sports Kyunghyang incorrectly reported that actress Cho Ja-hyun was “unconscious and in the intensive care unit (ICU)” and was breathing with the assistance of a respirator. Further, the news outlet reported that she has been in the ICU for about ten days.

This incorrect report emerged after news broke that the actress went to the emergency room due to post-birth convulsions. Earlier that day, she had given birth to her first child with fellow actor Xiaoguang Yu (also known as Woo Ho-gwan and Ethan Yu). While there, medical officials worked to determine the cause of her convulsions.

Choo’ agency BH Entertainment, her husband on social media, and medical professionals all confirmed her hospitalization. On the other hand, the report that emerged on June 10 has not. In fact, Choo’s agency has strongly denied that the actress is in the ICU, unconscious, or on a respirator.

A representative from the agency said that the article was “not true” and that Choo had already moved to the general ward where she is recovering. Moreover, she is healthy enough to contact friends and hold visits. At the same time, the cause of her convulsions have not been determined yet and they are waiting for a definitive answer.

Meanwhile, Choo Ja-hyun and Xiaoguang Yu started dating after appearing in a Chinese drama together in 2012. Three years later in 2015, the two went public with their relationship and married last year. Further, this year the couple welcomed their first child, who is reported to be healthy and strong.



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