Actor Jin Seo-yeon has revealed that she has gained 8 to 9 kg since she finished shooting for the film Believer.

On July 9th, MBC ‘Section TV’ had an interview with Jin Seo-yeon, who recently appeared on the movie Believer.

During the interview, Jin Seo-yeon said: “I had to work out 4 hours everyday to gain more muscle for the film. After shooting for the film, I ate whatever I want. Now I’ve gained probably about 8 to 9 kg, but I am still very happy right now.”

InΒ Believer, Jin Seo-hyun had a role of Boryeong, who is a girlfriend of drug dealer Jin Ha-rim (played by Kim Joo-hyuk). The movie, which was released last month, has had 5,063,467 viewers in theaters.


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Translated by Audrey Joung