Song Ha-yoon, who is best known for her role in the drama “Fight for My Way,” is taking the lead role in a new romantic-comedy drama.


On August 9, Dramax announced that its upcoming drama “Devilish Joy” (working title) has finalized the premiere schedule for September 5.

The drama led by Choi Jin-hyuk and Song Ha-yoon, “Develish Joy” is an enjoyable romantic-comedy drama depicting a relationship between a man who suffers from memory loss and a celebrity.

As both of the leading characters have proved their abilities in the genre in previous dramas, people are excited to see the chemistry between the two. In addition to Choi Jin-hyuk and Song Ha-yoon, INFINITE’s member Hoya will take a role in the drama, which excites fans even more.

“Devilish Joy” will premiere on September 5 through Dramax and MBN.


By Heewon Kim