Singer Baek Yerin has deleted her Instagram account after writing something that might have been criticizing her agency, JYP Entertainment.

On the 17th, Baek wrote on her Instagram: “I have written so many great songs and I really want to release a new album. There are many people waiting for my music. But I think the adults here are so funny and scary at the same time. Yuck.”

Many fans are doubting that the “adults” she mentioned may be the staff at JYP Entertainment.

After her writing caused controversy, Baek Yerin wrote a long writing and deleted her Instagram account. Baek said: “I will be deactivating my Instagram account for a moment. There are just way too many rumors … I often can’t fall asleep because I am so anxious after hearing many rumors. I won’t apologize for what I did not do.”


Original article
by Jung Ji-won


Translated by Audrey Joung