Reality Program featuring B.A.P members has finally confirmed its premiere date!

On October 2, FashionN announced that they have confirmed a premiere date for a new reality program featuring the members of B.A.P. The show will premiere on October 9 at 7PM, KST on channel FashionN.

The program had initially planned for a premiere on September 12th. However, the channel decided to delay the premiere date due to B.A.P’s Himchan getting involved in a sexual assault allegation.

At the time, FashionN had also revealed that they contacted the agency about the terms of their contract. The channel had said, “if the incident does not end well, we will have to discuss the cancellation of the broadcast.”

The upcoming program will document the B.A.P members as they create a series of Virtual Reality games that can be accompanied by their songs. All six members, including Bang Yong-Guk, who has officially ended the contract with TS Entertainment, have participated in the game creation.

Besides the games, the program will also feature the members in their daily lives. It will follow the members from the morning until night, showing their pajamas parties, where they opened up honestly about one another while playing drinking games.

Image Source – FashionN

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Translated by Dasol Kim