On April 20, Plan A Entertainment reported that Na-Eun still hasn’t fully recovered from an ankle injury.

The agency reported, “Son Na-Eun is currently focusing on receiving treatment for her ankle. She had injured her ankle earlier this year, but the pain is continuous.”

In addition, they said, “Na-Eun is doing well in her daily life even with the injury, so it’s not too big of a deal. While she wishes to rest as much as possible and focus on recovery, she also wants to attend all scheduled events. However, she will be absent from performances and events that require lots of leg movement.”

Previously, Plan A announced that Son Na-Eun has been appointed as the Korean model for cosmetics brand, Shu Uemura. On April 19, She went to Japan and completed all promotional events for the brand.

Furthermore, Apink released a special single ‘Miracle‘ on April 19, to celebrate the 7th anniversary of their debut. Son Na-Eun plans to attend Apink’s fan meeting ‘PINK CINEMA’ on April 21. However, she will not be performing songs that consist intensive choreography.

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Translated by Dasol Kim