Authorities draw connection to past bomb threats targeting girl group Apink.

Apink bomb threat

At 4:45 PM on November 15, an anonymous person called local police reporting that explosives had been installed at the Seoul Jamsil Indoor Stadium. The Gymnasium was the location of last night’s Asian Artists Awards where Apink participated.

Jamsil earthquake and military bomb squad units went to the scene to investigate after the call. The report turned out to be unsubstantiated, but the identity of the caller remains unknown. However, authorities were able to trace the location of the call to Vancouver, Canada.

Furthermore, due to the nature of the call and Apink’s attendance, authorities believe that is the same person behind other bomb threats. Moreover, Apink’s agency, PlanA Entertainment is currently working with international authorities to coordinate an investigation on this suspect.

This is the third threat that Apink has received this year.

By O.C