On March 9, one media exposed another sexual assault allegations made against an idol group member, A. They reported that the accused idol member sexually assaulted the victim 6 years ago.

The victim said, “a bunch of people were drinking and fell asleep together at a hotel room, when A forced himself on me. Both of our bottoms were off and even with our friends next to us, he still raped me. He was drunk at the time.”

She added, “I was going to keep it as a secret, but I can never forget what happened and I feel so humiliated. The fact that he told everyone about it afterwards hurt me even more.”

In addition, she revealed the text messages that she traded with A. In response to her message, A said, “I’m sorry. I feel sorry and regrettable that my words had such a big impact on people around me. I always think about it, deeply regret it, and feel ashamed of it.”

Meanwhile, when it was revealed that A debuted as an idol in 2010, speculations about B1A4 member Sandeul arose on the surface.

On March 9, WM Entertainment said, “we are not connected to the #MeToo accusation that was made today. The accused idol is not from our agency. In order to protect our artists, we will take strong legal action against false rumors and accusations.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim