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A new hip-hop war is about to start with the first “Show Me the Money 777” recording happening this weekend.

On June 12, industry officials the first recording for Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 777” is set to take place at the Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 15th.

Further, the recording is expected to be strictly private. According to the show’s production team, they are even taking additional measures to prevent and spoilers of leaks. Reportedly, they have asked the contestants and their agency to not come to the recording with their managers.

This seems to be an additional change that the team behind the hip-hop program have decided to implement. Earlier this year, Mnet announced that the rapper survival program, which has aired every year since 2012, underwent a major format change for the seventh season.

Typically, the first round where thousands of applicants gathered to audition was abolished. More, the production team has reportedly eliminated the first round of the competition too. Instead, only applicants who passed the first screening and the producers will participate in the first recording.

Earlier this week, multiple media outlets reported that Swings, Deepflow, Giriboy, Gray, Nucksal, and BewhY will be producers for the season. Moreover, the initial contestant line-up reportedly includes Nafla, pH-1, Kid Milli, Loopy, Chaboom, OLNL, Blacknine, Na Sang Wook, Yoon Byung-ho (Bully Da Ba$tard), Oh Dam-ryul (Chin Chilla), Jo Won-woo, (H2ADIN), and Choi Ha-min (Osshun Gum)

Meanwhile, Mnet plans to broadcast the show in September.


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