Singer Ali has been working independently.

On September 14th, multiple sources told Ilgan Sports that Ali has been working independently after leaving Juice Entertainment. Her last official schedule with the agency was back in March, when she performed in Pyeongyang. Although she left the agency, she has been continuing working. Ali recently released a single album through MBC music show ‘Song One’.

According to acquaintances, multiple entertainment agencies have contacted her. However, Ali said she wanted to “keep trying alone until the end of year”. Also, she is getting support from her family members.

Ali used to do chorus for the singer Wheesung, and officially made a debut in 2005 through Leessang’s 3rd album title song ‘I’m Not Smiling’. Since then, she has a number of popular songs including ‘365 Days’ and ‘Eraser’.


Original article
by Audrey Joung