Korean singer Ailee confessed how she went through a lot of pressure about staying in shape.


In the recent episode of “Hidden Singer 5,” Ailee made her appearance to show off her lasting talent as a singer. As much as her powerful voice, however, her confession about losing weight touched people’s hearts.

During the show, one of the challengers said that she started to lose weight after seeing Ailee’s success on a diet. On the internet, one can easily find “losing 10 kg in a month” or “Ailee diet” showing as related search terms to Ailee’s name.

Confessing how hard it was for her to stay fit, Ailee broke out in tears. “I didn’t eat anything for a whole day and still sang on stage,” said her. “It made me so sad. As a singer, I had to sing, but to be on stages, I had to lose weight at the same time.”


“I was upset because I knew I couldn’t sing as well when I lose weight,” she continued. “I lost weight, sang in my skinny body, and couldn’t perform the 100 percent of my ability. I may have looked good, but I was depressed the most.”

Years ago, she suffered from hate comments body-shaming her when she gained weight. When she lost weight, people paid more attention to her success as a “fit celebrity,” not as a singer, which made her obsessed with staying in shape.

Aille cried, recalling the days when she had to be on a diet all the time not to miss the opportunities to sing on the stage.

But now, she is reclaiming her identity as a singer. Declaring, “I made my mind not to care about losing weight anymore,” she smiled brightly.

“I’m very happy now and satisfied with my voice. What’s important is to love your body.” Many of the audiences agreed that the harsh standards of beauty imposed on actresses and singers show be banished.

Now, Ailee is ready to reclaim the related search term, “Beyonce of Korea.”


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