Park Eun-Hye has put an end to a 10-year-long marriage.

On September 14, a representative of the actress reported, “Park Eun-Hye decided to part ways with her husband due to constant conflicts regarding values and characteristics.”

Park married her husband, who is 4 years older than her, in 2008. 3 years later, she gave birth to a twin, proving that the household was happier than ever before. However, sources say the couple could not overcome the differences in their values and opinions, thus decided to walk separate paths.

The following is the official statement from a representative of Park Eun-Hye:

Hello, this is Early Bird Entertainment. We hereby state our official stance on Park Eun-Hye’s current situation.

After much consideration, Park Eun-Hye and her husband have decided to part ways. We hesitate on what is being said as this is a very personal matter, but the couple has agreed that their children will be under Park’s custody. However, both will be very much involved in their children’s lives under the name of parents. They are doing their best to provide what is needed for their children.

At this time, we sincerely request to not bring up anything she may have said in previous broadcasts to create new issues. This is to prevent further damage to the family.

As an actress who receives the love and attention from the public, Park Eun-Hye feels very regrettable for delivering such an unfortunate news. She will continue to put her best effort into her current programs and upcoming dramas, as well as a mother to her children.

Furthermore, our company promises to continue to support Park Eun-Hye with more responsibility. Thank you.

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Translated by Dasol Kim