During a production press conference for Lee Yoo-young’s most recent film, the actress reveals some thoughts on the late Kim Joo-hyuk.

Kim Joo-Hyuk, Lee Yoo-young
Image source – OSEN News

The production conference for Lee Yoo-young’s most recent film, “Marionette” (director Lee Han-wook), held at the Apgujeong CGV in Seoul on the 12th was going alone as one would expect.

The upcoming mystery crime thriller drama has a compelling story where a teacher and convict inexplicably become involved in a complicated situation. Set to release next month there were many aspects of the film to understand.

However, as compelling as the movie’s story is, what drew the most attention was Lee’s response to a question. A reporter asked how the actress has been since Kim Joo-hyuk‘s fateful car crash last year. After remaining silent for a moment Lee responded, saying “I still miss him very much. He was a person who always supported me warmly. Now too, I think that he would like to see me doing well. Because of that, I am trying to remain true to myself and continue acting.”

Additionally, she talked about how she stays busy to cope with the loss. ” I spent a lot of time home alone and focused on my work. I wanted to be busy looking at one piece or another. For my next project, I need to study French, so I have been diligently working on that.”

Previously, Lee suspended her activities after Kim’s accident late last October. Recently, she earned a degree from the Korean National University of Art. Since then, she resumed filming for “Marionette.”



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