The What A Man Wants film stars opens up about why she decided to drop out of high school.

Lee El
Image source – MBC

On a recent episode of MBC’s “Section TV” actress, Lee El talked about her experiences in high school. “I was withdrawn and odd when I was young,” Lee said, explaining that because of that she was often lonely when at school. More, she had a hard time making and keeping friends, tainting her experience.

Lee comments that there are always children in a class who tend to be loners. During her time in school, she was that child, “it was me” she admitted. Lee said that “without a dream or a friend,” she decided to drop out of school.

Instead of going to school, she would wander around aimlessly while keeping the entire situation a secret from her parents. Eventually, she told her parents and officially left high school. Lee details that her “very upset and worried” for about a week. Later, he approached her and said: “I will respect your will (decision), so take responsibility for your life.”

From that point, Lee diligently studied for the high school certification exam. Fortunately, she passed the test and went to college. Since then, Lee turned her attention to acting and has portrayed strong and vibrant characters — qualities that she says are contrary to her real personality. Some of her most recent works include “A Korean Odyssey,” What a Man Wants, and “Goblin.”



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