Ko Sung-hee and Dong-jun’s agencies have checked with the stars to discover the truth.

Image source – OSEN News

Actress Ko Sung-hee (28) and ZE:A idol Kim Dong-jun (26) were rumored to be in a relationship. The rumor began when a media outlet published an article that said the two met set of variety show “Master Key” early March 22 KST. Since then, the two developed a friendship that is reported to have quickly become a relationship.

Moreover, the two reportedly spent time together openly and had been spotted by many people while on dates. In fact, their relationship is so public that some fans had apparently been aware of the relationship for some time.

Subsequently, both Ko and Kim’s respective agencies have sought to verify the rumor. As a result of their short investigation, both agencies have ruled the rumors groundless. An official from Kim Dong-jun’s agency that “there is no truth to the rumored relationship with Ko Sung-hee” and that they are “just friends.” Further, Ko Sung-hee’s agency also denied the two are in a relationship after checking with the actress.

Meanwhile, Ko -hee is an accomplished actress who has appeared in the CANNESERIES nominated drama “Mother,” “While You Were Sleeping,” and “Jealousy Incarnate.” On the other hand, Kim Dong-jun debuted with Children of Empire, also known as ZE:A in 2009. Since his debut, he has become an actor. He has taken roled in “The Fugitive of Joseon,” “The Shining Eun-Soo,” and “Black.”



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