Former KARA member-turned-actress will star in the Japanese version of ‘Orphan Black’

On Nov. 8, the Japanese press released news on actress Kang Ji-young’s appearance. “Kang Ji-young will appear as the lead role in the upcoming Japanese remake of hit BBC drama ‘Orphan Black’, they reported.

The drama series ‘Orphan Black’ gained worldwide popularity after its broadcast on BBC America. ‘Orphan Black’ is a thriller that tells the story of Sarah Manning, a con artist who discovers the existence of her numerous ‘sister’ clones. The story revolves around her attempt to find out their secrets and identities. The original series is currently in its fifth season.

Actress Kang played a variety of characters in the past such as a college student, single mother and an assassin. She has also showed off her language skills in English, Korean and Japanese.

Kang expressed excitement after hearing about the casting offer. “I was more surprised than anything. ‘Orphan Black’ was a series that I always enjoyed watching. It is unbelievable that I get to play the lead role,” she said. “It is rare for an actor to get to play seven different characters. I will work hard and try my best.”

‘Orphan Black’ will air its first episode on Dec. 2.


Original article
by Jang Jin-ri

Translated by Janet Kang