Public resentment has boiled over with Netizens attacking actors for allegedly mourning the death of the late actor Jo Min-ki.

Jo Min-ki
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Even in death, Jo Min-ki is surrounded by controversy. The public is opening criticizing actor who has written anything mourning the late actor. The criticism is not only for messages opening mentioning the actor, but also ones that do so covertly or can be perceived to be related to Jo.

Actors Jung Il-woo and Yoo In-ah are getting criticized for their social media posts. On Friday Jung, who has acted in “Cinderella and the Four Nights” and “Flower Boy Ramen Shop,” made a post with the words “Pray for You.” However, soon afterward the post was attacked and condemned by people who understood it as referring to Jo Min-ki. As a result, Jung deleted his post to abate the attacks.

Some Netizens argue that everyone has a right to send their condolences to those who have passed. On the other hand, others add the nuance that while condolences are acceptable, the expression of the condolence that matters. As such, people find the public message Jung posted on social media as problematic. This is, in contrast, to a situation where quietly visiting the deceased actor’s wake.

Similarly, Yoo In-ah posted a video clip taken from a film that apparently shows witches publicly burnt at the stake. However, since there is no substantial comment made with the post, no has Yoo provided any enlightening reason for the post, many are inferring that the video is a criticism of the “Me Too” movement. Posted on March 10, the same day that actor Jo was found dead, netizens surmised that he was equating the treatment of Jo before his suicide to a witchhunt.


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Jo Min-Ki

Meanwhile, Jo Min-Ki was found dead in an underground parking lot storage room by his wife. Shortly afterward, he was pronounced dead due to suicide. A wake was set up at Konkuk University Hospital in Seoul. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances surround the actor before his death, a sense of bitterness accompanies the grief associated with a life lost. Notwithstanding, many make the argument that the actor created the terrible situation himself.

On another note, media sites report that authorities found six letters at the site of Jo’s suicide. However, his family decided not to disclose their contents to the public. The notes reportedly contained messages of regret, reflection, and apologies to his victims.



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