Actor Park Si-hoo has chosen a passionate melodrama for his next role.

Image source – Ilgan Sports

On October 8, a drama official said that actor Park Si-hoo has taken a lead role in TV Chosun’s upcoming drama “Babel.”

According to Ilgan Sports, Park will play journalist-turned prosecutor Cha Woo-hyuk. He has out-of-the-box thinking and is also a hot-head with a fiery personality. However, it may be for a good reason.

Cha has experienced a lot of loss and tragedy in his life, including the death of his father in an unknown accident which led his mother to take her own life. As time goes on, Cha gains information that there may be more to his father’s death. As he digs for the truth, a need for revenge grows inside of him.

The role of the vindictive and firey Cha contrasts greatly with his character in “Lovely Horribly” co-starring Song Ji-hyo.

Meanwhile, TV Chosun plans to air the new series sometime in December.



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