Actor Lee Seo-Won has been charged with sexually harassing and posing threats with a weapon to his female colleague.

Previously, a news outlet reported that a famous actor was charged with sexual harassment and threats. According to the article, Seoul Gwang-Jin Police Station booked actor Lee Seo-Won for investigation and determined he was guilty.

According to the police, Lee Seo-Won attempted physical interactions with a female celebrity, who rejected him. However, this did not stop him from further attempts, and the female celebrity called her boyfriend for a help. Then, Lee Seo-Won became angry and posed threats with a weapon to the couple.

On May 16, Lee Seo-Won’s agency released an official statement regarding their actor. Blossom Entertainment said, “we contacted the actor to fact-check, and he admitted to the happening. We have no excuses whatsoever. At this time, we can only offer our sincere apology.”

They continued, “right now, Lee Seo-Won himself feels regrets and sorry for his misbehaviors. We are sorry once again, and we will participate in the investigation truthfully and diligently.”

Meanwhile, Lee Seo-Won was supposed to appear in the upcoming tvN drama, ‘About Time’ starting on May 21. However, after the news broke out, the staff of ‘About Time’ confirmed that the actor decided to step down from the drama.

In addition, they said, “Lee Seo-Won’s part is somewhat irrelevant to the main plot, but still one of the stories that is crucial to the drama. Therefore, we cannot delete all scenes of him, but we will find a replacement and reshoot the scenes.” They continued, “we started filming the drama in February, so we have a plenty to air. We have decided to re-shoot particular scenes that will have no effect on the regular schedule of the drama.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim