Lee Pil-mo and Seo Su-yeon from “Taste of Love” are tying knots in real life.

On December 25, Lee Pil-mo and Seo Su-yeon couple announced their plan for marriage. The exact date is not set yet, but they plan for a February marriage.

On the same day, Lee Pil-mo proposed to his girlfriend openly, on his musical stage. After the performance, Lee Pil-mo invited Seo Su-yeon to the stage and proposed.

“I want to say it like this,” Lee Pil-mo opened his mouth at the center of the stage, holding Lee Su-yeon’s hand. “I won’t be perfect, but I will be there for you all the time. Thank you.”

To the proposal, Lee Su-yeon nodded her head with a bright smile on her face.

Lee Pil-mo and Seo Su-yeon couple became the first marrying couple from “Taste of Love.” The proposal footage will be released through the show on January 3.


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