In April, actor Han Joo-Wan was put on trial for illegal marijuana usage and found guilty.

In January of 2017, Han Joo-Wan purchased 10g of marijuana from a dealer he had met through an online community. Starhaus Entertainment reported to OSEN that “Han Joo-Wan received a probation period for illegal marijuana usage. After receiving the sentence, the actor diligently followed legal proceedings and is spending time of self-reflect.”

The court ruled that the actor receives 8 months of prison time and 2-year probation time. This means that he doesn’t have to go to jail right away, but if he were to commit a second offense during his 2-year long probation time, they would send him to jail. In addition, they required him to participate in 40 hours of rehabilitation and about $3000 worth of fine.

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Translated by Dasol Kim