Actor Go Soo confirmed to star in the upcoming SBS drama “Cardiothoracic Surgery” as his first drama in 2 years!

On June 14, a source from “Cardiothoracic Surgery” reported that Go Soo, after carefully reading the synopsis and the script, decided to join the cast of the drama.

Drama “Cardiothoracic Surgery” is about a cardiothoracic surgeon, who is put in a dilemma where he has to choose between two lives with only one heart. In the drama, Go Soo will act in the role of Park Tae-Soo, a cardiothoracic fellow whose mother is waiting to receive a heart transplant. With this drama, Go Soo is returning to drama for the first time in two years.

A representative reported, “after Go Soo received the offer, he very much enjoyed reading through the synopsis and the script. Afterwards, he made the decision very quickly to appear in the drama.”

Furthermore, they said, “with his confirmation, we were finally able to announce the start of the drama. We ask for your continuous attention.”

Meanwhile, “Cardiothoracic Surgery” will also reunite director Jo Young-Gwang and writers Choi Soo-Jin and Choi Chang-Hwang from SBS drama “Defendant” last year. It aims for a premiere in September, after the end of “Dear Judge.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim