A media outlet reported on May 23 that Bae Doona and Son Sukku have been dating since 2017.

Image source – Daily Sports

According to an article published on May 23, an entertainment official claims that Bae Doona and Son Sukku have been fostering a relationship since last year.

Reportedly, the two first met while working on the second season of Netflix‘s show Sense8. Naturally, they began to meet more frequently and developed feeling for each other. In addition, they are both signed to the same agency.

A person proporting to be familiar with the two said that they have shared pictures of each other on social media sites and are a comfortable couple. Moreover, this person pointed out that Bae has a residence in the Dongbinggo neighborhood in Seoul, an area that Son vistis frequently. Further, since Son is still a new actor he still has the freedom to go around without being recognized.

Image source – Instagram via Daily Sports

However, in an official statement from their agency SBD Entertainment denied the claims. More, they said that the rumors are “groundless and they are close partners” and nothing more.

Meanwhile, Bae first debuted as a fashion model in 1998 but was quickly recognized for her acting potential. Since then the actress has worked in both South Korea and the United States. She has appeared in the drama “Kingdom” and “Stanger” and the films Cloud Atlas, Tunnel, and Jupiter Ascending.

Likewise, Son has also crossed over and worked with Bae on Sense8. Recently, the actor also played a villain in CANNESERIES nominated “Mother.”



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