Seven Koreans are in custody after conducting illegal business exchanges outside of Wanna One’s concert.

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On January 22 a Foreign Ministry official said, “A total of seven Koreans were arrested on suspicion of immigration law violations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 19th.”

Witnesses of the arrests reported that some Korean fans were selling their own products around the area of Wanna One’s fan meeting. Consequently, they were reported and arrested for breaking the law.

According to Malaysian law, people are required to have a permit to conduct business in the country. However, the arrested Korean nationals had reportedly come to Malaysia with only tourist visas. As such, any act outside of tourist activities violates the law. Therefore, selling merchandise or conducting any other kind of business is barred.

According to an official, a total of 19 people, seven of which are Korean, were arrested and are currently in custody. Malaysian authorities are still investigating the incident.


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