2PM’s Hwang Chan-sung proudly upheld his honor as an idol of 10 years by proving himself to be a master at animal mimicry on an episode of ‘Radio Star’.

On the August 9th episode of MBC’s ‘Radio Star’, Turbo’s Kim Jong-kook and Kim Jong-nam, 2PM’s Hwang Chan-sung and WINNER’s Kim Jin-woo featured as guests while Kang-nam featured as a special MC alongside Kim Guk-jin, Yoon Joong-shin and Kim Gu-ra.

During his appearance on ‘I Live Alone’, Hwang Chan-sung performed a ostrich imitation that went viral. For the cast of ‘Radio Star’, he performed an upgraded version of his animal mimicry.

Impressed with the long-time boy group member’s skills, the MCs gave comments like, “Your face really does look like bird~” and “You’re on a different level!”

He also demonstrated his taekwondo skills and revealed reasons why he has never been involved in dating rumors.

You can catch the ‘Master of animal mimicry’ Hwang Chan-sung on August 9th from 11:10 pm (Korea time) on ‘Radio Star’.

‘Radio Star’ has been receiving much love because of MC Kim Guk-jin, Yoon Jong-shin and Kim Gu-ra’s witty remarks and unrivaled ability to bring out the truth behind guests’ stories.



Original article
by Yoo Ji-hae

Translated by Janet Kang