2PM Member Nickhun is set to met fans on the upcoming tVN variety program “Galileo: Awakened Universe.”

Image source – OSEN News

On May 22, tvN confirmed that Nickhun had accepted an offer to join the cast of their new variety show. Currently, three other entertainers have agreed to join the show, Kim Byung-man, Ha Ji-won, and Gugudan’s Se-jeong.

According to the network, “Galileo: Awakened Universe” is a reality entertainment program that focuses on the latest and hottest topics in science. Moreover, it will air sometime in July and have an interesting science-fiction concept — but will be based on fact, not fiction.

Reportedly, for the first episode or so the cast will dedicate time to studying how humans can survive on Mars. The crew will conduct experiments, research space exploration, and even receive specialized training at the Mars Desert Reseach Station in the U.S. next month.

This is the first time that a space-focused variety show has been produced in Korean entertainment. While, MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” feature space travel, “Galileo: Awakened Universe” is the first program to realistically portray scientific processes earnestly.

Meanwhile, Nickhun has focused most of his time on his acting career. Recently, the singer plays a lead character in the Thai Film Brother of the Year. Since it has been a while since the 2PM member has appeared in a Korean program, expectations are high to see him perform along with the other cast members.



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