2PM’s Jun.K received an award from the commander of the division for his outstanding overall score among the trainees!

On June 18, Chansung proudly posted a picture of Jun.K with his award on 2PM’s official Instagram, thus confirming the news. In the caption, Chansung said, “a great news just arrived! Our oldest hyung (brother) received an award from the commander of the division for his outstanding performance as a trainee! I came here as soon as possible to deliver the news.”

Image Source – Instagram @real_2pmstagram

Jun.K received this award at the graduation ceremony on June 15, as he finished off the seven-week long training in the military. After the graduation ceremony of boot camp, Jun.K received his official military assignment and is currently fulfilling his duty.

In addition, a few days before receiving the award, Jun.K also posted a letter to his fans on 2PM’s official fansite with an update on his life.

He began, “I think this will be the last letter I send from the training center. Tomorrow is the end of my seventh week in the military and a graduation ceremony. Today, I’m writing my letter with the papers you guys made for me. It’s so pretty!!”

Image Source – Official 2PM Fansite

He continued, “I thank you for letting me know what’s going around in the outside world and about our members through your letters. More than anything, I am healthy and doing very well. During the race of the second physical fitness assessment, I came in third place and did 111 sit-ups! As a result, I will be receiving an award at the graduation ceremony tomorrow. I also received a silver medal for winning second place in the squad. I worked hard among the recruits who were born in 1998.”

In addition to letting fans know about his physical assessment results, he also stated he performed many 2PM songs for his fellow recruits. At the end, he concluded “it’s getting very hot now. Be careful with the heat and always stay healthy. Even right now as I’m writing this letter, it’s very hot. I do not know when you will receive this letter, but I’ll stay healthy in the military base as well, so don’t worry! I’ll write to you guys again. I love you guys more and more every day. Thankful for the time at the training camp.”

Meanwhile, Jun.K was rumored to have suffered from facial nerve paralysis in the military earlier this month. JYP Entertainment soon explained the rumors, and Jun.K himself proved that he is healthy with the recent updates on his life.

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Translated by Dasol Kim