Group 2PM’s Joonho showed his famous Penthouse in Chungdam-dong.

On 28th’ episode of MBC ‘I Live Alone’, Joonho showed inside of his house and said, “People say my house must be super luxurious, but it’s not that fancy.”

Previously, on another MBC show ‘Radio Star’, MC Gyuhyun had said, “Joonho lives in a penthouse in Chungdam-dong and it’s so fancy.”

Joonho said, “I have been living alone for two years now. I spent 8 years of my 10 year-long life as a celebrity in a shared apartment with other members. So I needed a personal place. I dreamed to decorate my house very modern, but since friends came to visit it is being mixed up.”

Joonho is currently living with two cats.


Original article
by Lee So-dam

Translated by Audrey Joung