Singer Jo Kwon responds to a netizen who left malicious comments on his Instagram after he published a few photos with gay celebrity Hong Seok-cheon.

Jo Kwon
Image source – Instagram

On June 3, Jo Kwon posted friendly photos with Hong Seok-cheon, an actor, entertainer, and restauranteur, after visiting one of Hong’s restaurants. It appears that the singer has a good experience while there, having written “It was very cool and delicious. It was just the best,” along with the photos.

However, some netizens who saw the post left hateful comments on the post. The main perpetrator to whom Jo responded to has since deleted their account. As such, their original comment cannot be found.

However, looking at the singer’s responses and the reactions of other commenters, it had to sever enough to warrant a response from many. Given that Hong is an openly gay celebrity, it is highly likely that this was the subject of their comments.

 Jo wrote three different comments responding to the anonymous person where he asked “Did I damage your life? Celebrities are human,” and stated that “everyone is worthy of love and respect.”

Additionally, Jo wrote that he hopes the mean netizens will have a more open view of the world and see, acknowledge, and accept different personalities and lifestyle and understand that they are worthy of love.

“I hope you will have a broad view of the world. ” There are people in the world who live a very diverse and loving life, such as people who look like this, people who look like that, people who are like that, people who are worthy of love and respect,” he wrote.

At the same time, the singer also comments that the negative netizens “need to learn a respectful attitude first.” Moreover, the singer also exposed the fact that they had created an alternative account to post comments. As a result, he calls them out for not being brave enough to communicate publicly on their original accounts and hopes that he will never see comments like those darken his social media feed again.



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