It has been 14-years since “Something Happened in Bali” took the drama world by storm, catapulting Ha Ji-won and Jo In-sung into stardom.

Something Happened in Bali
Image source – SBS

On December 28 a drama official said, “The SBS drama broadcasted in 2004, will be reborn with a 2018 version.”

“Something Happened in Bali” was a weekend drama that aired for three months from January to March in 2004. This romantic drama involves Ha Ji-won as Lee Soo-jung who goes to Bali to for a new beginning. Once there she meets Jae-min (Jo In-sung), In-wuk (So Ju-sub), and Young-joo (Park Ye-jin). The relationship between the four grows increasingly complicated as love, desire, and work become entangled.

With high emotion and tension-filled moments, the drama unsurprisingly had high-ratings when it aired. To this day, the shocking ending and Jo In-sung’s call scene find their way into conversations. That same year Ha Ji-won and Jo In-sung won the Best Actor Awards for Television.

Moreover, the original producer of “Something Happened in Bali” Choi Moon-suk will reprise his role and produce the remake.


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